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Clinics, Informative talks, Fun Shows, Furthering Education Events, Community Outreach Events, Family Nights, Trail name it we will consider it!

As we improve and grow, we plan to continue to host events to bring together the equine community and encourage community involvement. Please feel free to get in touch with us about hosting an event or posting an add for a local upcoming event! 

PLEASE keep checking back and watch our Facebook page as we will be updating with upcoming activities! 

Save the Date:

John Staples January 12-13th

Dressage and/or Show Jumping

Improve your horsemanship skills regardless of your chosen discipline with individualized lessons from John Staples. 

John will be coming to J & J Stables in January of 2019 to work with individuals on achieving their goals and aspirations.

John is a USEA Level III instructor since 2005. 

Cost is $95/lesson

Please touch base with us to reserve your spot or to learn more about John Staples. 

Softening and Body Control with Billy Yoder April 26 - 27 2019

Increase your connection with your horse through by obtaining a softer hands, seat, and cues and softening your horses body to your signals.

Billy Yoder Horsemanship will be at J&J Stables to help you increase your skill level. This clinic will focus on gaining and maintaining softness in your horses body while setting them up for different tasks at hand - lead departures, turns on the forehand and hindend, increase your confidence at the various gates, improve steering and precision etc. If interest the flag may be incorporated towards the end of the two days. 

Clinic is Capped at 7 participants:
Fee includes Stall (Friday night through Saturday night); and camping. (electrical hookups are limited so let us know if you want to reserve an electrical spot - there is a $5.00/night fee for electric)

Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot with J&J Stables ASAP. Your spot is reserved with a $100.00 deposit fee. Paypal or mailed check accepted. 

Horses are required to have a neg. coggins at the time of the clinic.

Significant Others Fundamental Clinic April 28th 2019

Get your BF, Husband, Significant Other off on the right foot for horsemanship with Billy Yoder Horsemanship.

This day long clinic session with Billy Yoder will focus on the fundamentals of horseback riding. 
The morning will consist of ground work progressing to horsemanship skills while riding in the afternoon.

We are gearing this clinic towards the male crowd! For the husbands, BF, S.O. that have horse crazy ladies in your life - come out and learn the basics of riding and improve your confidence level! 

Clinic Capped at 7 riders
Cost will be $110/rider
A deposit of $50.00 will reserve your spot

Clinic fees include a stall Saturday pm through Monday morning; and camping - an electrical hook up will be an additional $5.00/day and are limited so please let us know in advance if you will need an electrical hookup.

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2019 Clinic Schedule coming soon! 

Some Clinicians being considered for 2019
Aaron Ralston
Megan McIsaac
Dee Janelle (SET Method)
M & M Ranch (Maria)
If you have a clinician you would like to see please don't hesitate to shoot us a message and we can see if something can be arranged. 
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