Hey Everyone,

As everyone knows were are in crazy times with uncertainty and a lack of information or understanding of what is actually going on.  We understand that and would like to try to avoid being another source of uncertainty for you, because of that we would like to make our schedule more accessible to all of you and give a brief explanation of why we are using it.

Again it is our hope this helps to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to follow any and all regulations.


Currently we are one of the few barns left open and this schedule is one of the ways we make sure everyone is still safe and you can still come to see your horses. We  do ask that is something with the scheduling does not work that you shoot us an email, text, call anything that works well for you. We will try to be as accommodating as possible.


Also when you are done at the barn we ask that you sanitize anything you may have touched, leads, cross-ties, gates etc. We will keep spray bottle and wipes by the cross-ties.

Again thank you all for being understanding during this time and we hope to get back to normal as soon as we can.

Jack and Nat

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6723 State Road 81 Platteville WI 53818

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