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Indoor Arena  @ J&J Stables!

Our 85 by 140' indoor riding ring features top of the line sand footing over a lime base. 
The arena is dragged regularly, has a Macro Air Fan to help keep horses and riders cool in summer and to send sunny warmed air down in the chilly months.
A viewing loft and heaters are also accessible.
Jumps, Cavaletti Poles, Steer Head, Lunge Lines and whips, as well as various obstacles are available for use as well.  

J&J hosts events, allows haul ins, and rents out the arena - continue below for more details. 

The tension fabric structure

We, at J&J, are very excited about our newest farm improvement....our 85X140' covered riding arena. Our concept was an open, airy arena which felt light, bright, and as if you were outdoors - and we think we were pretty darn successful!

The arena has been a work in progress since summer of 2015, 200 loads of fill, 10+ loads of gravel and lime, yards of concrete, and countless hours she became rideable in November 2016. There is still work to be done and finishing touches to be addressed but we are extremely proud and excited to offer this facility to our boarders and community.

The 85'X140 structure has a lime base with sand footing, side walls are slanted, smooth deck boards and the end wall features ultra clear plastic to allow optimal light and views of the spectacular WI sunsets.

Hauling In?

In need of a place to ride when weather is not cooperating? J&J would be happy to have you stop by!

Fees: $10.00/rider

Monthly: $30.00 unlimeted rides/month

Family: $50.00 Unlimeted rides/month/family

Please call or message ahead of time to ensure availability. 

Please note - off site horses are not allowed to use the automatic water nor the stable barn. There is hydrants available. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter!


J&J hosted it's first clinic November of 2016. We plan to continue to host events and clinics throughout the future - please feel free to watch our events page and follow us on facebook to see what is going on in the new facility. 

Interested in holding an event with J&J?

    Please shoot us an email or give us a call we would love to discuss detials and options with you!

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