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All Amenities Included

Stable Barn

40x100' stable barn including a feed room,  two tack rooms, viewing loft over the arena and 12 stalls. 

Four of our stalls have attached runs for horses with special diets or other needs. 

Tack Stalls

Our stable barn contains 3 tie stalls so you can safely and comfortably groom and tack your horse in the comfort of the barn. 

Boarders also have access to an outdoor wash rack area.

Yard Fencing

The fencing in the barnyard and paddock areas consists of 5 or 6 strand poly-coated fencing. A strip of electric Horse Guard Fence runs the top of the fence lines. 

Pasture Fencing

Our large pastures for grazing are fenced with woven wire fencing and topped with a white stallion rail. 

Our Matted Stalls

Our stalls are matted using a single piece of fabric - Stall Savers. These mats are designed to allow water (or urine) to travel through so our stalls do not have wet puddles. Underneath the mats are 6 inches of 1" clean stone and 2 inches of 3/8" Clean stone below the stone is a lime base. Many of our mats come up the walls of the stalls increasing safety for the horses. 

Outdoor Feeding

Winter Grazing

winter grazing.jpg

Horses are meant to be grazers! In the winter we offer our horses free choice hay in nets. This allows for a more natural consumption rate and helps to keep weight and boredom in check. It also helps to cut down on hay waste! We even have horses on farm who opt to eat from the nets when given the option!

Often we have the luxury of being able to stock pile some grass pastures and turn horses out on 20+ acres in winter. This helps keep horses moving and having the option to forage to keep them sane and happy. This is a great opportunity for those horses who have arthritis or are on break from a heavy work load during the winter months. Keeps them exercised and moving naturally. 

Our winter pastures have access to shelter, automatic water and are checked twice daily.


J&J butts up to set aside land to the south and Emerald Earth Cattle Company to the North. Boarders have permission to ride through both totaling over 1,000 acres of trail riding. There are rivers, farm roads, pastures, and wooded areas. 

3/4 Mile Grass Track

We are fortunate enough to have a groomed grass track around our hay field, equally over just 3/4 of a mile of groomed trail to let your horse out and exercise! The views from the track overlook the river and streams through Emerald Earth's Cattle Pastures. 

Jumps and cavaletti poles are available for the track as well. 


We have natural obstacles:


Rivers etc. 

Man Made:


Soccer Balls



Teeter-Totter etc. 

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