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Stall Board

At J&J we have a 40'X100' stable barn with 12 stalls of varying sizes, none smaller than 10x12' including some large foaling stalls.

Every stall is matted with a StallSkin single mat and supplied clean shavings, has fresh water, and salt and mineral.


Stall horses are turned out daily, either into a pasture or a paddock situation. In times of extreme weather they may be left inside for the duration of the day with some arena time to let off some steam. 

What's included:
  • Daily turnout

  • Fed Grain up to 2x/day (grain at owner's expense)

  • Weekly addition of bedding. (Double bedded stalling is available for cost of additional bedding)

  • Stalls Cleaned Daily

  • Fresh Water daily

  • Salt and/or mineral in stalls

  • Use of all Facilities

  • Hay - free choice in paddocks/pastures - Netted hay bags provided in stalls. 

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